Research Interests
  • Software maintenance and evolution
  • Program comprehension
Funded Projects
Advanced Systematic Literature Review Infrastructure for Software Engineering
NSF 1305395
$100,000; 10/01/13–09/30/14
J.C. Carver (PI), N.A. Kraft (co-PI) and D. Hale (co-PI)
REU Site: Empirical Software Engineering (REU-ESE)
NSF 1156563
$333,000; 03/01/12–02/28/15
N.A. Kraft (PI) and J.C. Carver (co-PI)
Doctoral Fellowships in Computer Science: Next Generation Science and Practice of Software Engineering
ED P200A100182
$525,060; 08/16/10–08/15/13
S. Vrbsky (PI), N.A. Kraft (co-PI), and six other co-PIs
NSF 0941992
$100,000; 07/01/10–06/30/12
N.A. Kraft (PI) and J.C. Lusth (co-PI)
Improved Code Clone Categorization
NSF 0915559 & NSF 0915403
$494,054 (UA share: $360,812); 09/01/09–08/31/12
N.A. Kraft (PI), L.H. Etzkorn (PI @ UAHuntsville), and J.C. Carver (co-PI)
REU Site: Software Language Engineering (REU-SLE)
NSF 0851824
$306,111; 08/01/09–07/31/12
N.A. Kraft (PI) and A. Parrish (co-PI)
100P: A Guided Discovery Curriculum for Computer Science
NSF 0837210
$98,286; 05/01/09–04/30/11
J.C. Lusth (PI), X. Hong (co-PI), and N.A. Kraft (co-PI)
Invited Talks
  • Topic Modeling for Program Comprehension
    • Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA (04/25/12)
  • Recovering Traceability Links between Source Code and Issue Reports
    • The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL, USA (03/04/11)
  • Improved Code Clone Categorization
    • Google Tech Talk, Atlanta, GA, USA (06/24/10)
      Available on YouTube.
    • Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL, USA (11/24/10)
  • Recovery and Metrics-Guided Refactoring of a Grammar from a Hard-Coded Parser
    • The University of Mississippi, University, MS, USA (11/19/08)
    • Alabama IEEE Computer Society, Birmingham, AL, USA (11/24/08)
  • Innovations in Computer Science Education at The University of Alabama
    • NetApp, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA (02/26/09)
    • Duke University, Durham, NC, USA (02/27/09)